‏I Will Fall With The Emperor

‏I Will Fall With The Emperor

Other name: 황제와 함께 타락하겠습니다
Chapters Chapter 100 Status Ongoing
Last update: 28 day ago
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“You, too, will be corrupted. Then I will make it all come true.” If I had only joined hands with him and agreed to become his mistress then, could I have lived a little longer? At least I would not have know the pain of my eyes being gouged out. But instead I shouted: “I refuse. I will not betray my country”, not realizing that my country, my family, had betrayed me long ago. Sacrificed, used, abandoned, and finally executed by my own family... I only realized after returning to 10 years in the past that the reason why you wanted me to stand by your side is because you and I were so much alike. Let us fall together this time..